3’Monkeys (85x60) / Mixed Technique, Digital, Spray and marker on canvas.

Monkeys are sacred in Asian countries with Buddhist and Hindu majority. During the pandemic, these representatives of the human mind, who normally live peacefully in temple gardens and in parks and public squares, decided to rebel. Before covid they were mainly fed by tourists. And during the pandemic, tourists disappeared. Desperate, hungry and not understanding what was happening, the apes decided to leave their homes and invade human homes. Unfortunately, this is yet another impact caused by us humans, who feed them just to ensure a good photo... Thinking on the positive side, I illustrated an art that brought the famous Wise Monkeys, with origins based on the Japanese proverb, in a way of remembering , that if people didn't look, didn't listen and didn't speak ill of others, we would have peaceful communities with peace and harmony

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